A Patch of Green Heaven

If you’ve never been to Los Angeles, you might think that palm trees line every boulevard and vegetation blankets a large part of the city. This is something of an urban myth. A lot of the city is nothing more than concrete. Finding a home that removes you from this is extremely hard. This property in West Hollywood manages to pull off a very difficult task.

Every corner of the building is decorated with lush green. We can say every corner because there is no solid division between the interior and exterior. The building works on three different levels. The ground floor has lounge areas, a pool and grass playing an important role. The living room and kitchen are also located here. Hidden screen doors can be fully hidden to provide a sense that you’re really living outside while you make your dinner.

The middle floor is the only area closed in on itself. The bedrooms and bathroom are drawn back behind concrete walls and large windows, but still have enough room to draw in light and the green thanks to extended balconies.

On top, the roof is a terrace area. With couches, bed and dining table, it’s the perfect place to soak in an unobstructed view of Hollywood.

green garden

green living

green terrace

green bed

grren interior

green kitchen