LA Rooms With A View

Trying to see the smog through the trees is one thing, but wake up on a ‘clear’ day in LA and views like the one you’re getting to get in this pad are some of the best you’re going to get living on the upper east side.

Just look at the photo of the bedroom below. What a great view you’d have waking up on even a cloudy day. This home is definitely all about showing off what’s on the outside, while keeping the interior to a non-invasive minimum. Even the exterior attempts to achieve some level of unobtrusiveness with an infinity pool that seems to simply flow out in to the city.

Every room in the home is designed with contemporary living in mind. The bathroom attempts to be as uncluttered as possible, managing to find storage space under the shell of the tub. In the living area, only a few chairs occupy the space and leave the panorama up to the job of keeping a guest entertained.

A weird note to pick up is that the master bedroom isn’t upstairs, but adjacent to the living room. And while it might not seem so big, it helps to create a massive open air space with the void present from the lack of need for more rooms upstairs.

Homes for rent in Chelmsford don’t come with the price tag an LA mansion has attached, but you can find a home or apartment there will can be you own luxury pad. From executive style 3 bed homes all across town to stunning apartments in Marconi Plaza, you can be assured there will be a property just right for you.

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