Quaint LA Bungalow

Sometimes an LA doesn’t have to eschew extravagance or boast about how much space it is. Sometimes it can simply make itself the perfect type of home it has to be.

This bungalow in in the San Gabriel is a mixture of classic American design mixed the commonalities found in the mid 20th century homes that popped up on estates all over the city. While it can be classified as a bungalow, the house cheats by being on three separate levels: one for the garage, one the living space, and further back a raised garden area.

To make the house seem more vibrant than the average residence, white plays a major part in drawing out every space. Take notice of the living area, dining area and kitchen all being in the one room. By intentionally leaving the floor bare apart from a rug or two and having double spaced windows, the space seems much more bigger than it is.

The home also compliments on its space by having the bedroom upon up to the garden. Notice how the raised section makes the entrance to the garden seem like a private spot for bedroom. The master bathroom expertly makes use of a small space with symmetry at play in  design and storage under the sink clearing up the shower area.

la garden

la home

la kitchen

la lounge

la bed

la bath