Rubik’s Cool

We like to call this house the ‘Rubiks’ reminding us of how playful looking a contemporary house can look. Located in West L.A this custom build is just like a Rubik’s Cube in its layout. The exterior looks like it can shift around and be moved. It acts as the guide of access to the rooms inside. Each room acts like its own individual piece, eschewing the usual ideal that an open plan contemporary home has to be completely related to its adjacent room. Instead of having a kitchen open to the living room or a bedroom open to deck, the windows act as the space creators. By making the house so compact, the L.A. norm of privacy is achieved with a small garden all round covered in trees.

This absolutely stunning design incorporates a technique that makes the most of all the space available. Its use of glass allows the property to remain bright and open despite its imposing composition.

Using this amount of glass does pose some problems in an area like LA with the danger of a greenhouse effect coming in to play. A good air conditioning unit is a must for this kind of area and allows a build like this to achieve its true potential. A good option for air conditioner needs from the full units to air conditioning condensers for sale is

This kind of build won’t be for everyone though. First of all the style is an acquired taste, not everyone will appreciate the design work. Beyond this is the cost, a unique build like this in an area like LA will not be the kind of thing most people will be able to afford to do. That being said certain aspects can be taken and borrowed.

The ambitious build is certainly one that captures the imagination and would not look out of place on a TV show like Grand Designs for example. We think the combination of blocky and imposing architecture mixed with the glass is an interesting juxtaposition and would love to learn a little more about the architect and their influences.


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rubiks garden