Best Places to Work in Los Angeles

The vibrant Californian City of Los Angeles is home to a number of high-profile and world-leading businesses and organisations. From five-star restaurants and the luxury hotels, to leading Hollywood movie sets and corporate law firms, LA really has it all.

Perhaps you’re a young person looking to kickstart their career in one of the world’s most identifiable cities, or perhaps you’re a veteran in your field looking for your next big step in your professional. Whoever you are, whatever your skillset, Los Angeles might just be the next best place for you to find work.

Below we’ll explore just a few of the best places to work in Los Angeles so you can take on a new role in the city with confidence.

Fintech Law Firms

We wager many will be surprised when we jump straight into law and legal services when it comes to talking about the best places to work in Los Angeles. What you may not realise, however, is that there is one area of law practice which is set to boom – especially in a modern city like Los Angeles.

Fintech Law firms in Los Angeles are on the precipice of the world’s latest financial technology, the kind of technology that will define how money is used in 10 years’ time, what roles the banks will play, and ultimately how we’ll be living our lives in the future. Finding a role with a law firm in LA which has a thriving Fintech department is the best way to get involved with something that will genuinely have a revolutionary effect on the financial industry for years to come.

The Motion Picture Industry

Of course, we couldn’t list some of the best places to work in Los Angeles without talking about Hollywood and its reputation for producing some of the best blockbuster movies of all time. Finding work within the Hollywood neighbourhood, be it on the movie sets, performing arts theatres, or acting schools, tends to be very competitive. It’s not all acting and glam, despite the stereotype, there are also a range of critically-acclaimed e-commerce giants, streaming companies, and more.

Despite the fierce competition, getting yourself a position working for a Hollywood company couldn’t be more lucrative. Whether you’re a total newcomer looking to make some waves or have experience in the industry, the financial incentives and prestige that comes with a job in LA’s most well-known neighbourhood is enough to get anyone excited. From Disney and Hulu to Alibaba and Illumination Entertainment, where wouldn’t you want to find a job?

Professional Sports

Sports, and all kinds of sporting events, are a big deal in Los Angeles – the city alone has ten recognised professional sporting teams. Whatever type of sport you’re interested in working within, be it as an actual player or some other supportive role, LA caters to so many different types of sport. Some of the main sports include; baseball, hockey, American football, and basketball.

Because there are so many home teams in LA, naturally there are a multitude of different stadiums found in and around the city where those interested in management roles can find homages. Be sure to check out the Staples Centre, home of the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers – these are some of the most well-known LA stadiums around.

Find Work in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a terrific location for those looking to take the next step in their professional life; when it comes down to it, almost anyone can find a lucrative role for themselves. Law firms, Hollywood organisations, and sporting facilities are just three areas we’ve seen a many great opportunities presenting themselves.