Celebrity Weight Loss – How Hollywood Is Ditching The Knife!

As much as we love showing off the top properties Los Angeles has to offer the rich and the famous, living that perfect Hollywood lifestyle takes more than a few flashy accessories at home. LA is a city that is obsessed with looks, beauty and living a healthy lifestyle. Cosmetic treatments for a perfectly toned physique have come a long way from liposuction, drastic diets and going under the knife. With celebs never wanting to be caught in a bad light, people are turning towards treatments that are classed as non-invasive (i.e. you won’t be going under the knife). So what do celebs use to look as perfect as they try to and what treatments are available for anyone looking achieve the same star studded looks? We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular LA cosmetic treatments and what they’re like.

Lips like Scarlett

scarlett lips

Plump lips that are vibrant and full of life are only ever going to come naturally for some people. And with the risk of dreaded trout pout from Botox injections, the need for a surgical treatment that doesn’t carry much of a risk is very important. That’s why people are turning to what is called Permalip. It’s a lip filler that is permanent, yet reversible. It’s a small implant that can be inserted in to the lips to give a fuller appearance (sort of like a breast enhancement) and is made of silicon so it can be molded depending on the natural shape of someone’s mouth. This helps stop the added effect of falseness that many traditional treatments have.

Skin Like Halle

halle berry skin

If only we could all live in a world where everyone has flawless skin. Certain celebrities like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian are no strangers to the world of skin peels. In the past this type of treatment was seen as slightly risky due the chemicals involved and how prone the face can be to almost any cream or gel. Now though it’s a much more sophisticated affair with peels able to reduce problems caused by sun damage, reduce redness for those with permanently rosy cheeks and even help reduce fine lines and wrinkles more than a lifetime’s supply of moisturizer could ever do.

Stomach like J-Lo

jlo waist

For being in her 40s, J-lo has the type of stomach and waist you wouldn’t expect to see from someone her age. So how can someone like the mother of two attempt to achieve the same results? By getting a med contour treatment. It’s a fat breakdown procedure where ultrasound waves emit through the skin and disrupt fat cells which hate being heated up. A special pad causes these problem cells to break down and leave anyone with a tighter waistline.

Arms like Madonna

2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards On NBC - Backstage And Audience

Not everyone has the chance to do yoga for hours a day to get arms as toned as Madonna does for a woman in her 50s. Skin around the upper arm is incredibly prone to becoming saggy and the dreaded “bingo wing” is something no one wants to have the misfortune of getting. So how do you make sure arms stay firm? By giving them a gentle zap with radio waves. Bodytite is a muscle toning treatment which improves the appearance of droopy skin and promotes the growth of collagen under the skin, which is a natural bonding mechanism.

Moves Like Jagger (or smooth skin like Adam)

adam levine hairless

It wasn’t so long along that a man could have no trouble with a little hair on his arms, back or chest, but nowadays many women prefer a man with skin that is smooth and hairless. Without having to go down the route of shaving the chest every time new hairs start popping up, some men are now taking laser treatments to remove unwanted hair from all sorts of places. Lasers can obliterate the follicle of a hair, meaning it will fall out and never grow back again, which might just be a little painful for a man that a dreaded back wax.


What do you think? Is achieving that celeb like body now easier that we have more painless treatments like these, or should we all just spend a bit longer in the gym?