The Best Guitar Riffs About LA

There’s no denying that LA is the home of celebrity. Even more than that though it’s the home of great sounding music, specifically rock! When it’s sunny and heat almost every day of the year, there’s going to be someone somewhere making a stab as penning an anthem for their beloved city.

So what the best guitar laden tracks about the city of angels? We decided to find out. And no we don’t apologise to slipping in a tune that doesn’t have a guitar in sight (you’ll know it when you see it)

The Distillers – City of Angels

While punk is usually reserved for the outlying cities of California, the hook of this punk driven song from their 2002 album Sing Sing Death House has that gritty feel you’d get walking down the wrong street of Downtown LA at the wrong time of night.

Thirty Seconds To Mars – City Of Angels

If you can get past the sight of seeing Kanye as soon as you hit play, this Jared Leto penned, produced and directed track is a love letter to the city of “lost souls”.

All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow

This is such a light hearted song that people often forget it’s about teetering on the edge of alcoholism in LA. Seriously! Try not to get to preoccupied with how happy the drummer is here and listen to what Ms.Crow is saying. Don’t got trying to find a car wash opposite a bar somewhere around town though, you’ll go mad trying to find it.

Girls, Girls, Girls – Motley Crue

CRANK THIS TO 11! Undoubtedly the most flagrant song possibly written about the Sunset Strip in LA, while the bad may have aged badly (Google “Vince Neil 2015”) there’s a youthfulness about this that makes you wonder just what 80s hair metal life was like. One can only imagine the volume of hairspray needed in that heat every night, especially when it gets quite sticky in the summertime.

California Love – 2Pac

So this may not be an out and out guitar track, but if you’ve played enough GTA5 like us, there’s no better way of imagining driving around Santa Monica at sunset (or any time of day really) blasting this through oversized car speakers. And with a drought in the state almost every year now, it makes you wonder if Dre and 2Pac imagined their home state might end up something akin to Mad Max in a few years time.

Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers

A simple riff and a sense of calm. LA is after all is meant to be a peaceful paradise by the ocean, and this minimalist song (before we get to the choir of course) is a perfect guitar track summing up life in Los Angeles. And let’s not forget the fact that a topless Anthony Kledis is something you’d expect to see every day at Venice Beach.

The Doors – LA Woman

Anyone living in LA knows that traffic is part and parcel of the daily commute, and songs like this can turn the drive to and from work every day in something to look forward too. Did you know that because of the humidity, many people will drive with their windows down and the air conditioning fully up instead of cranking down the window and letting the breeze in?

Learn Some Tunes Yourself

If you’re feeling inspired to pick up a guitar and have at it learning a song or two again, follow some tips from this video we found on YouTube by Hollahans. If you’re after that smoky blues laden bar of you’d expect to find in Pulp Fictio or Jackie Brown, you can pick up some tricks right here.