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Where Hollywood Goes On Holiday

In the summer there is a very weird flux in how Hollywood operates. While everyone around the world is watching blockbusters at the local cinema, much of Hollywood effectively closes down for a few weeks as studios gear up for the start of the next television season and movie studios take stock of how well their tent poles are performing. For many big names, that means it’s time to get out of town and go on holiday. But where do you go for a holiday when you’re rich and famous? Well that’s what I’m going to find out on the blog today.

Celebrities love anonymity. And while many can holiday in plain sight and go unnoticed, so very famous names need to find a location that they won’t constantly be interrupted in. That’s why you might be surprised to learn where some of the celebrities I researched pick as their holiday homes around the world.

Donegal, Ireland

Where would you imagine Ferris Bueller & Carrie Bradshaw go on holiday every year? Somewhere exotic and fun? A place that caters to the Hollywood elite hand and foot? How about a small county in the north of Ireland that is known for ice cold beaches and stunning peninsulas? Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker spend a lot of their time in the charming surroundings of the Irish coast that Donegal has to offer. It is as far away from celebrity as one can get as much of the area is remote, with small beach towns and little hotels dotted throughout the county. Recently though, the area became very popular when Star Wars touched down to film scenes for Episode VIII in the area.

The Greek Islands

Experts argue over how many islands there are in Greece. Some say that there are roughly 1,500, while others go as high as 6,000. When people can’t keep count of how many places you can stay in, it makes it the perfect place for a mega celebritry like Tom Hanks to hideaway.

When you’re arguably the most beloved actor in the world, you have to make sure that your vacation spot is somewhere you can disappear without having to look out for camera being pointed in your face everywhere you go. Forest Gump himself is known to frequently take holidays to Kos with his wife Rita Wilson, while Brad & Angelina have a few properties dotted along the main coast, as well as Johnny Depp who actually owns his own Greek island.

St. Barts

When you’re the most famous musical couple in the world, it helps if you can take a vacation in as remote a location as possible. And when you’re Beyonce & Jay-Z, a tiny island in the Carribean is just the place to go. St Barts has a population of just under 10,000 and is a haven for those who always have a few extra zeros in their bank accounts.

Some of the villas in the area that you can rent are incredible when you have a quick peak on Airbnb and see that the average price per night of accommodation is $1636!


The capital of the UAE si now the de-facto hot spot for any celebrity looking to be treated like a VIP from start to finish. The city over the last few years has grown in popularity, mainly thanks to the Kardashians being paid to visit and promote it, as well as the astounding skyscrapers featuring in movies such as Fast & Furious 6 and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

With so many “westerners” moving here for jobs and the vast expansion in the Emirates, more and more luxury accommodation options are popping up every day, the desert could soon be the place to be seen (as long as you don’t mind a sandstorm every once in a while)

Kruger, South Africa

Go on safari and tell someone that you can see Justin Bieber through the bush will insight one of two responses depending on who you are: reaching slowly for a blow dart or reaching for your phone. Whether or not you love Sorry, Justin’s safari visit a few years ago actually did A LOT to help promote this region.

Tourism in South Africa has come on leaps and bounds in the last 6 years thanks to events like the World Cup rejuvenating a lot of properties (like the one pictured above) in Cape Town, and awareness being raised after infamous stories like Cecil the lion making world news. And while many people may think that the idea that a safari holiday could be like something out of Tarzan, it’s now become a rather trendy holiday idea amongst celebrities.

Isleboro, Maine

isleboro maine

Try and pick five things Maine is famous for. Obviously number one is Stephen King, but apart from that you might be at a loss. Makes it sound boring, right? Well that fact that there’s nothing much going on there makes it the perfect spot for a little hideaway and one area in particular is where celebs like to go. Isleboro is a small 11 mile long island that sits just off the coast of Maine and is only accessible by ferry, boat or plane. One flight mad celebrity who uses this to their advantage is John Travolta who uses an air taxi to fly from the mainland right up to the dock of his home on the island. Isleboro is well known for being very private, quiet and not particularly welcoming to outsiders who might want to get the scoop on what celebrities are vacationing while there.

There you have it; just a few of the unusual and unpredictable spots celebs choose to holiday in when they’re not in Hollywood. Give me Malibu on a Sunday though and I wouldn’t trade it in for anywhere else.