Cycling in Los Angeles

With nice year-round weather, Los Angeles is a city that could be a cycling city; find out how the city is trying to promote, health, well-being and less cars in this great city.

So many other cities have been cycle-friendly for decades that it is high time that Los Angeles jumped on this bandwagon. From the Paris velib hire system that lets you hop on a bike and visit the Eiffel Tower, Palais Omnisports and Notre Dame without having to step foot on the maze that is the metro, to Copenhagen with its thriving cycle chic fashion movement, and London’s Boris bikes, Europe seems to be pretty on the ball when it comes to sustainable and health-promoting transport. And this side of the Atlantic, New York, Boston, as well as many Canadian cities also boast improving cycle lanes and facilities too.

So where does this leave Los Angeles, a city that loves its cars? Well, actually, things are beginning to improve here. This summer saw the roll out of the city’s first bike share system, the Metro Bike Share which is already proving popular; you can out more about it here.

Also opened this summer was the impressive half mile long stretch of protected bike lanes in the city center. LA is notoriously car-centric, but things are beginning to move forward now, as proven by these safer and less stressful routes for cyclists. With many celebrity cycling fans, it’s time other citizens dusted off their bikes too and got pedaling.

Although slow and perhaps a little tardy, change is finally coming and we’re hoping it leads to a cleaner and safer city, as well as an easy way to get in a little exercise!