Flawless Skin – LA Style

How do you get flawless looking skin? Well just do what Hollywood celebs do of course!

Oh how we wish Instagram filters were a thing in real life. Then we’d never have to worry about any skin foh-pahz (that’s the plural of faux pas if you never knew) ever again. Looking after your skin should be easy, and if you’re lucky enough to be a big enough celebrity in LA, you have access to a number of amazing ways to keep your skin looking good.

So what do famous faces use and what tips can you take on how to care for your skin? I’m about to run down some weird and wonderful treatments they use.

Treatment 1: Dermalquench

The idea of someone “quenching” your face doesn’t instinctively sound like it would be nice, but Dermalquench is a application treatment for the face that aims to keep it looking incredibly smooth and help improve the appearance of wrinkles. It’s a cream that you apply on and leave to let the Hyaluronic Acid act as as accelerated moisturiser that your skin responds to by plumping up and removing the visible look of rougher skin.

Celebrities to use this apparently include Demi Moore & Goldie Hawn

Treatment 2: Microdermabrasion

So everyone wants to have their skin be as clear and clean as can be, but when we constantly have makeup and all sorts rubbed in there, our pores can cling in more than they should and not let your skin have a chance to “breathe”.

One incredible treatment to help get exfoliate skin better than a 1000 shower puffs ever could is Microdermabrasion. It is a crystal based treatment where a wand is rubbed over skin and crystals are simultaneously blasted out and suicked up by the wand. Because they’re so small and move so fast, they’re supposedly lifting off dead cells and giving the face a deep cleanse.

Celebrities to use this apparently include Madonna, Naomi Campbell & Penelope Cruz.

Treatment 3: Microblading

Having good eyebrows can have a tremendous effect on the complexion of your face. All you have to do is think about the impact Cara Delevingne has had on getting everyone to start growing their eyebrows out again and you’ll see that a good brow can result in better looking eyes and your forehead (so prone to acne).

Microblading involves etching lines on the line of the eyebrow to make it appear bigger and fuller. The whole process is like getting tattoo as needles are used to create the lines with pigment etched in to the skin.

Celebrities to use this apparently include (as mentioned) Cara Delevingne & Kim Kardashian

Treatment 4: Venus Legacy

Looking good on the red carpet requires more than just a good dress. When the cameras are flashing you have to ensure that from top to toe that your skin looking incredible. Venus Legacy is advertised as the solution to help your face, neck and body look as smooth as can be.

The treatment works by using magnetic pulse technology (which sound like something from Dr.Who) to contour the body and tighten skin in problem areas. It promotes the expansion of collagen which is turn helps skin stay smooth.

Celebrities to use this include Sofia Vergara.