• Perfect Wakeup

    Imagine the scene. Your alarm goes off in the morning. You roll out of bed and slide open your bedroom doors.

  • Vertigo(rgeous)

    If you aren’t afraid of heights then are you in for a treat here. Situated on the 50th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Residence

  • Rubik’s Cool

    We like to call this house the ‘Rubiks’ reminding us of how playful looking a contemporary house can look.

  • Drive-in Dreams

    In California you can still see new releases at classic drive-ins. They mightn’t appeal to those used to the finer things in life, so there’s always…

  • Party Palace

    Want a party pad that has unrivalled views, its own fully functioning bar and a magazine stand for any guests that might want to just pass…

  • Rooms With A View

    Walk up any hill in L.A. and you will get amazing views. While tourists flock to Griffith Observatory for a glamorous view, those who can afford…

  • L.A. Kitsch

    Los Angeles is vast. Look any direction and you’ll have nothing but buildings until the horizon. Everything is spread out.