If you aren’t afraid of heights then are you in for a treat here. Situated on the 50th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Residence (located smack bang in the middle of Downtown by Staples Center) is this remarkable $3.5 million penthouse suite. This price is if you’re planning on bringing your own furniture in to the place, so if you’re considered be prepared to make many trips in the elevator. The windows reach from floor to roof (12ft) and there’s even a mirror the size of two doors in the living room if at any point you need to check out how you’re looking. If that mirror isn’t to your liking there’s another one that doubles as your flatscreen TV. Our favourite item in the apartment is something suitably ridiculous. In one of the bedrooms there is a normal looking dresser, but for some reason there is a glass table covering it. It’s a level of extravagance we can’t wrap our heads around.

penthouse mirror penthouse study penthouse bedroom penthouse dresser thing