London Special

Europe is home to a number of beautiful and incredible cities like Paris, Barcelona, Milan and many more but we thought we would take a little look at London.

With everything you could hope for in a major city it is little wonder that London welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

People looking for a shopping trip will struggle to find somewhere better than London with the likes of Oxford St offering the top high street shops around, countless designer shops are available with many flagship stores as well as the likes of Claridges and Harrods providing irresistible opportunities. For those looking for something a bit more unique markets at Portebello and Camden can offer just that while the numerous independent retailers and boutiques that you come across from street to street is incredible.

Entertainment is more difficult to avoid than find with a thriving music scene as well as the world famous went end theaters showcasing the best plays. Clubland is huge in London with many options for those that want to keep going after the pubs close. Film fans will also have plenty of opportunity to see premieres as well as a number of locations from Hollywood Blockbusters.


Beyond entertainment London is one of the best locations to visit for medical advice and procedures with Harley Street being famous for its clinics and specialists. You can even find out more about kaposis sarcoma cancer treatment from the LOC as well as other Oncology treatments by visiting their site .


Sightseers will be advised to either tackle London by foot or to take one of the many tour buses that allow you to get off and on at your will. With so many recognisable sights it is a dream come true but make sure your camera battery is fully charged before you head out.

London has so much going for it and with so much to do you could visit every weekend for a year and never do the same thing twice. If you are planning to visit make sure you do your homework before visiting to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.